Why ‘Aquaman’ is really more than Jason momoa’s hot bod?

Let’s shift our focus away from Jason Momoa’s sexy, hot, new-king of the great Atlantis body and focus on the fact that the new superhero addition to the DC universe is more than just his dreamy eyes and hot body. 

The following post contains spoilers, lots of spoilers as a matter of fact. So if you’ve not watched Aquaman, or plan to do so in future. Steer clear my friend, else just let your curiosity take the best of you by reading onward.

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman has a terrific cast who helped and drove the movie both to perfection and to high box office numbers (this was my first DC film that I watched with utmost interest, so lets leave the DC vs Marvel fight for another day). I don’t think there could’ve been a better cast choice than Jason Momoa to take the lead as Aquaman (Arthur), I mean I don’t know anyone else who could pull off that stupidly sexy water God look better than him. The cast also has a face I immediately recognized by the fact that most of my days are spent watching excessive amounts of horror movies, if you did not guess it yet-it’s Patrik Wilson our favorite Warren from the Conjuring universe, sharing the screen as King Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother and the former king of Atlantis.

Legends say that the great city of Atlantis (for those who don’t know, Atlantis is basically a mythical kingdom deep beneath the surface of the water housing mermaids and other mystical creatures) once used to be a land based kingdom that went down in water thousands of years ago. However the people of Atlantis learnt futuristic techniques to keep themselves alive under the water, away from the surface dwellers (us pathetic humans) living their lives, and building a kingdom of their own under the rule of the first king of Atlantis, Atlan.

In present day, Atlantis has become a hot topic for surface dwellers who continue their search for the otherwise lost city of Atlantis, because curiosity (Just like you came all the way down here, cause curiosity). In doing so, a group of surface dwellers known as pirates command attack over Atlantis, leading to King Orm seeking alliance from the seven other rulers of the ocean to declare a war over the surface dwellers. Amidst the commotion, the Queen of Atlantis Atlanna escapes Atlantis, and has a relationship with a surface dweller thus giving birth to Arthur (Aquaman), before being captured and left to die in the trench.

The movie continues, as we find Atlantis talking about another king’s existence-the one who is destined to dethrone King Orm. Aquaman, sides with the surface dwellers (even though he says ‘there are no sides in this war’), and in trying to prevent King Orm from calling a full-fledged war over the surface dwellers, gets into a fight with his own half-brother Orm. The fight leads Aquaman to find the Trident of Atlan, the most powerful weapon in all of Atlantis. However, when the fight reaches its ultimate finale, Aquaman gives mercy to King Orm (although Atlantis never gives mercy to anyone), sending him to prison instead of killing him, thus taking the throne of Atlantis as its new ruler.

Aquaman is NOT JUST ANOTHER DC MOVIE, the throbbing question I had during the movie was, human’s are naturally curious, and the lost city of Atlantis is something that we’ve always tried to find, but was it reason enough to declare war on the surface dwellers? The first attack on Atlantis was by a group of pirates, so why would Atlantis want to destroy the whole of surface dwellers?

The answer is pretty simple.

Atlantis is not just a city, it’s a Kingdom housing several species of water creatures. We’re the surface dwellers, throwing plastic waste, nuclear waste and everything else into the water. Most of our drains ultimately evacuate into the rivers or into the ocean.

 Aquaman has in a subtle way tried to warn us that, if there existed such a force in the water, it would’ve eliminated our entire existence by now.

The movie was everything a first time DC movie watcher would want, I kinda did not like the 3D experience and honestly think the movie would still look 100% good without it cause it did not really make much of a difference for me. I also felt DC tried too hard to stick up the whole sexy good boy image of Aquaman too rough at us, because there are certain ironies in the entire movie. Post-credit scenes (yes I actually sat there for DC’s infamous post-credit scenes), do show some hope of a sequel, which Jason Mamoa confirms as well. 

All in all, I’m grateful I started my journey with DC (not saying I won’t watch Marvel movies at all), because I also got free popcorn through it. :p

Before I end, here’s a stupidly hot, orgasm creating picture of Jason Mamoa:

Credits: YouTube
Credits: YouTube

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