4 things that happen when your roommate is about to get married Guess who's getting hitched?

Having a good roommate is normal, having a great roommate who shares similar likes, dislikes and thoughts are GREAT! Unless of course, she is about to get married *sad face*

Be it 4 months, be it 4 years. You tend to form an unbreakable bond with the person you share a room with, especially if you’re new to the city. Here are 4 things that happen when your roommate is about to get married:

#1. You get excessively happy and excessively sad:

So your roommate is getting married, yay! Good for her. You’re so glad she’s getting settled until of course, you realize you’ll not be seeing her face, you’ll not have her around, there’ll be nobody scolding you when you hog on junk food, there’ll be no-one to take care of you when you’re sick, there’ll not be any drinking drama’s, and if you’re me you’d be sad because you’d not have a partner to share tacos or Gujarati delicacies with.

#2. You start planning your wedding:

It’s pretty obvious for you to plan your wedding in your head when you see your roommate get married. No matter how absurd or temporary those plans are, you’d still have your roommate to share it with.

#3. You can’t attend it, but your excitement knows no bound:

Sometimes, some things are bound to go wrong- like you spending all your leaves in advance and not having any left to attend the wedding. But that doesn’t mean the excitement dies down. You’ll still be jumping around in joy at every pre-wedding picture your roommate shows, and sometimes, you’d dedicate a special post to her to tell her how special she is.

#4. You count days with her, and imagine life without her:

Any good thing, any big event requires an extensive countdown. You find yourself waking up every single morning screaming, one month to go! Followed by the realization that in a month you’d have someone new around, but it won’t be her, anymore.

Life won’t be the same without you around, Tan:

We started awkwardly, very awkwardly. Given the fact that you were not in the country when I first shifted, but god once we met, it was the best! Having you as a roommate has been one of the best experience ever, you’ve taught me so much, been through so many experiences with me; you made it a point to make me feel at home and not miss my family or my cat (she brought a cat home, once).

Your would-be is truly the luckiest man in this whole world because he gets to be with the most caring woman on earth.
Thank you for never getting annoyed by the things I do, Thank you for waking me up every morning hoping I’d not be late to work, thank you for making me eat healthy even though I never want to, lol. Thank you for making Bangalore all the more fun.

I love you to the core, and while I won’t be around when you’re all decked up in red. There’ll be more surprises awaiting you.
I wish I could ask you to stick around for some more time, but I don’t want to deprive your would-be of all the beautiful moments he’s yet to experience.

Until then, Tan- I will miss you.
Have a marvelous wedding, my dearest!

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