13 Chilling Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix “13 Reasons Why”

Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why is a series adaptation of the book by the same name by author Jay Asher, the book follows the story of a young school going girl, who was pushed into taking her own life as a direct result of bullying and other traumatic experiences. The series was brought to life by Brian Yorkey in association with producer Selena Gomez for Netflix.
The first Season aired on 13th March 2017 and contained 13 episodes, about the 13 Reasons Why the main character took her life.

Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why gets a fresh new Season on 18th May 2018. Here are the reasons why you should watch the show.

*The post contains Season 1 spoilers*

13 Reasons Why you should watch this show.

1. Bullying is not ok:

Bullying statistics around the world, show and prove that bullying is an even more significant problem than we usually perceive them to be. Bullying creates a negative train of thoughts that is potentially damaging to the bullied victim.Bullying is not just limited to the internet; it can follow through in schools, colleges, and even workspaces. Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why brought to light the more profound and grave consequences words and specific actions have on people.
According to StopBullying, U.S alone covers about an average of bullying cases compared to other countries, which makes all the more sense for anyone to watch this show.

2.‘Move on’ does not necessarily help a trauma victim.

For a person in trauma, blank and baseless words such as ‘Move on’ means nothing.
In 13 Reasons Why Season 1, Mr. Porter (Derek Luke), the school’s counselor refused to see through Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) issues, even when she came transparent to him. ‘Moving on,’ doesn’t have any effect on someone who has gone through immense pain and suffering, it’s almost equivalent to putting a band-aid on a limb that’s falling off.

3.You are answerable for what you did.

Your actions define who you are. The steps you take against someone puts you in a place where you need to be answerable.Apart from all the other lessons that Netflix 13 Reasons Why teaches us, this is by far the most important and chilling of all.
Bryce (Justin Prentice) and Justin (Brandon Flynn) were all answerable for the actions they took, to save themselves and their bond, that ultimately cost a young girl, her life.

4.Relatable characters, for someone who has been in such situations.

Bullying is something most of us have faced in one form or the other, in real life or on the Internet. Apart from revealing the more gruesome face of Bullying, Netflix 13 Reasons Why have some inspiring and relatable characters as well.
All the characters have their struggles and stories that they use to justify the decisions and the actions they took throughout the series.
This makes the show a lot more relatable on a more personal frontier.

5.If you are a parent, and want to understand the generation.

Parent’s watching Netflix 13 Reasons Why would greatly benefit. Indian parents need to understand the importance of mental health and prioritize it over anything else in their kid’s lives. 13 Reasons Why is not a family show, but people dealing with young adults should understand the things that bother teenagers and young adults in their day to day lives.

6. Shows the true face of Rape Culture.

Rape culture is well defined as a sociological concept that rape is perfectly normal owing to the societal attitudes about sexuality and gender. Victim blaming, slut-shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence are some of the forms rape culture takes.
Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why, correctly portrays the truth and prevalence of such culture along with bullying, with a chilling backstory.

7. Shows us why random acts of kindness are important.

“I think I’ve made myself very clear, but no one’s coming forward to stop me.”-Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), the quote stands true as to why people need to be kind towards each other. Hannah gave signs that she needed help, needed someone to ensure her that she was not alone, someone to hear her out. The line hits you, making you realize how random acts of kindness can help prevent something fatal, and potentially save a life.

8. Awareness about the signs of suicide and depression.

The series dealt with many issues, the main being the deadlier mental health issue-Depression. Depression is a silent killer; it destroys you from the inside with little left to live or salvage. Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), went into severe depression after being ostracised, victim blamed and bullied continuously, with little or no help from people she looked up to. It didn’t take long for her depression to spiral out of control, killing her in the process.
While many parents are concerned about their kids going off in the ‘wrong’ path after watching the show, it’s essential for young adults to take note of the subtle signs that could mean something else. Understanding these signs can help them assess themselves and those around them in a much better way.

9. It shows us how much our actions can hurt another individual.

What we do to others, is not just their problem. It’s ours as well. Often, we don’t realize what the other person might be going through before hurling words towards them. Certain words and actions can trigger people in ways we would never understand, leading them to take steps we can never imagine.
Just as the actions portrayed by the characters of the show led to Hannah’s death in the reel world, the same applies to the real world as well.

10. It shows us the importance of mental health and why it should be discussed openly.

Mental Health is never wholly and openly discussed, especially in countries like India where mental health statistics are sky high. According to a report on Mental Health published by The World Health Organisation-7.5% of the whole Indian population suffer from some form of Mental Health issues that require expert intermediation. Even after such statistics, Indians fear being judged because of such problems and refuse to seek help.
Hushing issues such as depression and anxiety can only lead the way to greater permanent damages.

11. Diverse show cast.

The cast of Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why is not entirely white-washed, the cast contains characters that belong to diverse ethnic backgrounds and have stories and struggles of their own. The show positively touches on issues that are usually considered taboo in many parts of the world.

12. The story does not end at Season 1.

Season 1 ended, with the last or the 13th Tape left by Hannah Baker. It also, however, left lots of internal loopholes, and character mysteries that lead us to believe in the possibility of another Season.
Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why, Season 2 goes live on 18th May 2018.

13. Gives justice to the book.

Any cinematic adaptation of books is bound to have certain loopholes and empty spaces and often fails to provide justice to the actual story. Netflix Thirteen Reasons Why, however, stayed put to Jay Asher’s original novel and made sure the story was narrated with the same emotion it was written with.


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