Advice #5: How to be positive?


You carry some positive aura around you where people feel comfortable talking to you.

How to build and maintain such aura?




Dear Anonymous,

The positive vibe in me comes from the fact that I know and feel how cruel, dark and unjust the world around me is. The world has and is capable of changing you so you adapt according to it’s dark nature. I believe if everyone started being dark there won’t be anything left to live for.
Aura is something that is individualized, I don’t know why people are comfortable around me, or where my aura comes from and how it makes other feel.  I just know that if there is 99% negativity in the world I wish to be the light at the end of the tunnel, the 1% positive, irrespective of what battles I may fight, that’s exactly why this advice column was started and that is exactly why you chose to ask me this.

As far as building such an aura is concerned, being positive, happy and surrounding yourself with people of the same wavelength helps. It’s been said, that you become what you associate with. If you are associating yourself with positive people, you’d be positive as well. Positivism is contagious, just like a smile. When you’re happy, you’ll attract people towards you, and they’ll be more comfortable around you.

I have tried and tested this in my life so many times, if you’re talking to someone you don’t know, starting off by telling a small story about yourself, any story helps make the other person feel at ease while interacting with you.

As far as maintaining this aura is concerned: we all fight battles, it’s not possible for a person to remain positive all the time. But for every negative lesson in your life, there is a positive outcome. Focus on it and smile your way through your new found aura.

‘Til then, stay positive.


The Brown Girl

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