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I am 19, in the final year of my teen age and currently pursuing my degree in B.Tech. I have been also working as a content writer and tech journalist since last 5 years. I have achieved some small (as per me) success as well in doing so. To be honest, I am not fully happy with engineering. I like my stream and I am not bad in studies either but I feel it could have been a lot better if I would have become a journalist at some point. And nothing new, my mom won’t agree on what I think. Your suggestions on my current condition?



Dear Anonymous,

First up, Thank you for writing. Journalism has come to be one of the most popular form of career option for millennial. Although, an engineering degree is something that most parents want out of their lads, purely because engineer is the only career option which people follow like a heard of sheep.

You’re 19, you have your whole life ahead of you to chose and purse the career you want to. As far as your parents are concerned, I’m sure all they want is for you to reach a place where you are both financially and economically stable. Generation wise, parents will find it hard to grasp a career option that does not fit the general strata of the society, in other words unconventional jobs.

If you like your stream, hoping you’ve chosen it on your own will and not under pressure. Pursue it diligently, content writing is a great passion you have and the job you do has scale-able potential in future. Once you’re done with your B.Tech, have a talk with your mom, tell her why you want to opt for journalism and where you see yourself in the industry. Once she see’s you taking the right sort of decisions. I’m sure she’ll be convinced.

For now, focus on your current stream of education and excel in it.

The Brown Girl

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