Dear Reader,

Welcome to Coffee Chronicles-

I am a cat mother by day, and a coffee-fueled writing addict by night. Professionally, I’m a content writer at Cuemath where I try to solve problems and market the company through words, make sure my colleagues have a great time working and make sure businesses are not halted because of it.

I started blogging somewhere around 2011 when WordPress was pretty much non-existent for me. All I knew was how to operate blogger.com on my computer. Two years back, I stumbled upon WordPress, with my first blog that was hosted on wordpress.com and I did not look back after that.

Coffee Chronicles is the product of all those years of self-doubt if this was right for me or not, if I was writing things that would touch the chords of millions across continents. The fact that you’re here reading this, means the journey has begun, and it has started positively.

Thank you for being an integral part of this adventure!